How to Use a Speed Square

DIY Woodworking Ideas How to Use a Speed Square

How to Use a Speed Square

How to Use a Speed Square Mar 25, 2013 · How to use this tool like a boss. For the other 90% of the world using metric check out my new video on the metric speed square. A Speed Square, also called a rafter square or layout square, has a 90-degree marking edge and a 45-degree marking edge. 2. The square can be used as a straightedge guide when crosscutting with a circular saw. 3. A pivot point allows the square to be used as a protractor for marking angled lines. 4.Speed squares aren’t just for marking 90- and 45-degree angles when you’re cutting 2x4s. You can use a speed square to find roof pitches, guide your circular saw and …

Speed Square does do a couple of things that no other tool can do, but Speed Square’s greatest advantage is as a fast, easy-to-read substitute for other tools that …Just flip the speed square and use the back side of the tool. Invest in a larger speed square, and you could even use it for longer cuts. Using a Speed Square as a Try SquareThe Speed Square combines common functions of the combination square, try square, and framing square into one. Carpenters use it to make basic measurements and mark lines on dimensional lumber, and as a saw guide for short 45 and 90 degree cuts.

The most common use of the Speed Square is to mark square lines at precisely 90 degrees to the board’s edge. This job is greatly simplified by the fact that the tool has as a lipped fence running

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